At we understand that being a letting agent is not easy. This job requires you to balance the needs of tenants and landlords to remain in business. There will be a variety of issues and responsibilities that come with the decision to become a letting agent. Whether you need to learn how to become a letting agent or the resources needed to help you do a better job, this site might be a a great start.

What we know about the letting industry

  • How to become a letting agent

Like any other profession, becoming a letting agent requires you arm yourself with the knowledge and skills in this business. Besides, it also needs you learn the fundamental differences between letting agents and estate agents. By coming to us for expertise on how to be a speciality letting agent, we believe you will find the perfect solution.

  • Letting agent’s job

Along with arming yourself with the knowledge/experience needed to become a letting agent, part of the learning process will require you to understand what is expected of you. We cover the roles and responsibilities of a letting agent and offer winning insights on how letting agents can make their star shine brighter.

  • Letting agent resources

As much as you might have the basic competencies of this job, you can never go far without the right resources or tools. At this digital age, have no option but to use these resources to their advantage. Here, we offer a select number of tools, which if properly utilised will make you a better letting agent.