Working as a letting agent in the UK means that you will be specialising in letting residential or commercial properties on behalf of your clients. However, like with most careers, you must have the right training. Training offered to letting agents often covers critical aspects of letting agency work.

Who needs training?

If you are planning to become a sole trader, you need need to be a trained letting agent. Otherwise you should be thinking about having a team that understands the ins and outs of this professional well. Ideally, anyone directly involved in managing the operations of the letting agency should be qualified for the job.

When applying on behalf of a company, the requirements differ slightly from those of a sole trader. For companys or partnership, the person holding the most senior position should at least be a certified letting agent unless they are not involved in the daily running of the agency. A letting agent should have at least one senior manager with the right training.

Getting qualifications

There must be at least one person in a letting agency that meets the required training and qualification. However, the qualifications differ considerably depending on where you are located in the UK. To be qualified, you need some relevant skills touching on essential aspects of the letting agency professional.

If you are already qualified?

If you hold the relevant qualification, but you have not been actively involved in this profession for some time (more than three years), you need some training to familiarise yourself with what is happening in the industry. Besides training, you need some documented evidence to show that you have what it takes work in this industry.

As landlords face an increasing number of regulations, the need to have qualified agents is imperative. Letting agents should be knowledgeable tenancy laws to avoid unnecessary legal actions.