It is clear that most traditional marketing strategies are not as effective as they used to be years back. This is attributed to the fact that the younger and tech-savvy generation relies on online resources like mobile websites and apps to find their next rental. Thus, landlords and letting agents are now forced to brace themselves for change.

This change has ushered in a completely new way of shopping for rentals. Flipping through high definition photos can be great, but videos or interactive walkthroughs raise the bar even higher. Letting agents have to tap into this resource to add some extra feature to their listing. Read on to learn more about video walkthroughs, and why letting agents have to bring them on board as part of their marketing strategy.

What are video walkthroughs?

Ideally, video walkthrough provides letting agents with an opportunity to add some life to their listings. Potential clients can envision themselves in the home. If you too need to have some walkthroughs as part of your marketing strategy, here is a tool that can help you do this – The Zillow 3D App.

The Zillow 3D Home Tour App

The Zillow 3D home tour app gives tenants and letting agents a more immersive look at their properties. This apps works by capturing 3-D panoramic photos of the property, puts them together to create a 3-D tour through space. Instead of paying someone to this, this app lets you do this all by yourself thus allowing you highlight what you consider important.

More than 70% of millennial tenants consider 3D media to be as important as open house visits. Letting agents, well aware of this fact see the Zillow 3D app as what they have always needed to take their business to the next level. The Zillow 3D home tour app is a proven resource that offers significant cost and time savings.